Jousting, Fidget Ladder & Slackline

Temporarily Closed

Put your balance to the test on these three fun activities.

Our balancing activities in Action City's trampoline park are made for both the graceful and the clutzy. Have no fear as you work your way across the fidget ladder, slackline, or duke it out with your friend on the jousting balance beam.


The jousting challenge features a padded beam that spans over an airbag. While maintaining your balance, try to drive your opponent off the beam into the airbag with your padded jousting stick.

Fidget Ladder

The ladder swings over a large airbag while rotating on two points. Getting to the top is harder than it looks!


A tight rope, but if you fall you'll land on a cushion! The trick is to slide one foot in front of the other.

Closed for season
  • Jousting, Fidget Ladder and Slackline are included in Jump & Combo passes
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  • Grip socks REQUIRED! Socks are available for purchase at the Action City front desk for $3/person or you can bring your own if you have some.