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Posted: April 18, 2019 My Favorite Arcade Game

The Action City arcade is a place that is full of fun, excitement, and happy faces.  The many arcade games Action City has brings out such a true form of fun!   Just because I love arcade games doesn’t mean that I have to be decent at them.  The arcade here at Action City is a blast!  I love hopping on the Super Bikes motorcycle and feeling like I’m in a real race.  Cutting left, swinging right, I get a good work out on those motorcycles!  But during most of the racing games, I end up traveling in reverse or getting stuck in a corner during the race.  Crossy Road, a video arcade game with similarities to the classic game, Frogger, is another game that is wonderful to play.  The problem is that I can only get hit by a truck 3 jumps into my game so many times. 

Another game that I love to play is Pac-Man Smash Air Hockey!  There is so much fun in a regular game of air hockey, so try to imagine that same fun game, but instead of 1 puck, there are 30 pucks flying around the table! Instead of 2 sliders, there are 4, so it’s easy to team up with a friend and dominate the table.  But like I said before, I am not great at playing games and air hockey is no exception.  It’s difficult to find a teammate that wants to play with someone who can’t focus on defending the goal. 

Action City has so many great games around that it’s hard to pick a favorite.  It is always rewarding to play the prize redeeming crane games where winning bouncy balls, stuffed animals, or jewelry is possible.  If prizes aren’t the goal, it’s always great just to sit and play a classic game of Pac-Man.  Trying to shoot that 30-point buck on one of the hunting games is another favorite.  Or, for the more musically talented than me, not that it ever stopped me from trying, anyone can try their hands or feet at the Guitar Hero or Piano Keys games where they can sing, dance, or play until they are satisfied. 

But my favorite game in this great, big arcade is definitely Mad Wave Motion Theatre.  Why do I love it so much? Well, for one thing, it requires absolutely no talent! Fortunately for anyone that isn’t me, that is not the only fantastic thing about this game.  Being able to step foot in an arcade, but getting to have the experience of riding a roller coaster is a pretty awesome feeling.  Mad Wave also has 6 different scenarios so that games can be varied.  But I could do the same one over and over again and never get tired of the exhilarating ride.  I can ride this simulated game whether it’s sunny outside or whether it’s pouring rain.   

Ultimately, no matter what age or talent level, there are plenty of fantastic arcade games for everyone.  Whenever I am looking for a good time, Action City is the place I can go to where the fun truly never stops. 

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