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Learn first hand why Action City is the best way to spend your day having fun in Wisconsin.

Fun While Working - By, Tommy, Expert Gorilla

            When I was looking at places to apply for my first job, I was extremely picky.  I didn’t want to work in fast food or at a grocery store.  I wanted to work somewhere that it’s acceptable to be goofy and outgoing.  My older sister, Taylor, was hired at Action City about two years before I started looking for a job.  She always had cool stories about how she got to be a party host and play games with the kids in her party.  She had been telling me to apply for a while, but I did the same thing any little brother would do and I didn’t listen.  I wanted to see if I could find an awesome place to work without help!  I slowly found out that there was no other place like Action City.

             My first day on the job was the toughest.  I was in an environment I didn’t know and working with a bunch of people I didn’t know.  It’s kind of hard for me to break out of my shell in a situation like that.  I quickly got over this feeling when I was warmly welcomed into this huge family who already knew me as “Taylor’s little brother.”  Following those footsteps weren’t easy.  Anyone who knows my sister knows she’s wild and when other employees found out we were related, they didn’t believe it.  However, the more comfortable I got, the more I was told: “you’re just like your sister.” 

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How many jobs let you dress up as a gorilla, turn you loose in the building, and let you dance your heart out?  I quickly learned what it was like in the life of a gorilla as I watched the look of fear in multiple children when they see a gorilla dancing around in public.  I also found out that carrying a 30-inch pizza as the gorilla becomes difficult when you walk into a party room full of excited kids.  That pizza starts to get heavy after a while when you’re posing for pictures!  Next to running wild in the arcade, being the gorilla at a parade is the next best thing.  It seems like when you’re a gorilla throwing out candy, kids aren’t as scared!

             Aside from having the ability to be my goofy self, I get to meet and talk to people from around the country.  I have heard some of the most interesting stories and learned a little about different cultures from interacting with a lot of the people that roll through Metropolis Resort.  Along with talking to the locals and travelers, meeting new friends also employed in the resort is part of the fun.  Like I said before, I was warmly welcomed into the family and since then, I’ve been trying to do the same for any newcomers.  That’s really the best part of this job.  I’ve made a ton of friends who share the same goofy traits as I do which makes the work day go faster, and it gives me people to hang out with after.  I also met the most amazing woman of my life at Action City, who I will marry in the summer.  Truly, where the fun never stops!


My Favorite Arcade - By, Savannah

The Action City arcade is a place that is full of fun, excitement, and happy faces.  The many arcade games Action City has brings out such a true form of fun!   But just because I love the arcade games doesn’t mean that I have to be decent at them.  The arcade here at Action City is a blast! 

I love hopping on the Super Bikes motorcycle and feeling like I’m in a real race.  Cutting left, swinging right, I get a good work out on those motorcycles!  But during most of the racing games, I end up traveling in reverse or getting stuck in a corner during the race. 

Crossy Road, a video arcade game with similarities to the classic game, Frogger, is another game that is wonderful to play.  The problem is that I can only get hit by a truck 3 jumps into my game so many times.  Another game that I love to play is Pac-Man Smash Air Hockey!  There is so much fun in a regular game of air hockey, so try to imagine that same fun game, but instead of 1 puck, there are 30 pucks flying around the table! Instead of 2 sliders, there are 4, so it’s easy to team up with a friend and dominate the table.  But like I said before, I am not great at playing games and air hockey is no exception.  It’s difficult to find a teammate that wants to play with someone who can’t focus on defending the goal. 

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Action City has so many great games around that it’s hard to pick a favorite.  It is always rewarding to play the prize redeeming crane games where winning bouncy balls, stuffed animals, or jewelry is possible.  If prizes aren’t the goal, it’s always great just to sit and play a classic game of Pac-Man.  Trying to shoot that 30-point buck on one of the hunting games is another favorite.  Or, for the more musically talented than me, not that it ever stopped me from trying, anyone can try their hands or feet at the Guitar Hero, Dance, Dance Revolution, or Piano Keys games where they can sing, dance, or play until they are satisfied.  

But my favorite game in this great, big arcade is definitely Mad Wave Motion Theatre.  Why do I love it so much? Well for one thing, it requires absolutely no talent! Fortunately for anyone that isn’t me, that is not the only fantastic thing about this game.  Being able to step foot in an arcade, but getting to have the experience of riding a roller coaster is a pretty awesome feeling.  Mad Wave also has 6 different scenarios so that games can be varied.  But I could do the same one over and over again and never get tired of the exhilarating ride.  I can ride this simulated game whether it’s sunny outside or whether it’s pouring rain.   

Ultimately, no matter what age or talent level, there are plenty of fantastic arcade games for everyone.  Whenever I am looking for a good time, Action City is the place I can go to where the fun truly never stops. 

Top 5 Reasons Why the Metropolis is Best Gift to Give Grand Kids - By Sara, Resort General Manager

Let’s face it.  Grandkids are hard to buy for.  Everything that you think they’ll love, then don’t.  Everything they want, you don’t have a clue what it even is.  If you can get those kids to spend time with you AND have a smile on their face, you’ve done your job.

1. Free Money - Every year the Metropolis Resort offers a gift card deal. Generally, when you spend a certain amount of money on the gift card, they give you some free.  The amounts seem to change each year, but they always do it.  Get on their email list and watch for the deal before Black Friday which generally seems to be when you can get the most free money.

2. You Pick one time – All you must do is pick one date and the place. Every year you run out of ideas of what to get and you must remember if you’ve already given that gift already.  This way you tell them where and when to be there and they show up!

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3. Privacy but still together – Simply get each family their own room. They can stay up as late as they want or get up as early as they want without bothering the rest of the family.  There is free coffee in the lobby with cozy couches for the early risers to enjoy the mornings. The Pub is open late and serves drinks for those who aren’t quite ready to go to bed as early as some of the others. If you ask, they can usually upgrade the grandparents to a big family suite for the same cost. This gives you a great place to be able to have the entire family together for meals and hanging out.

 4. No Mess at Your House – You don’t have to clean your house in advance and you certainly don’t have to clean up after all of them. Enough said!

5. Memories – THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. The entire family will prefer this gift over anything you have ever given them in the past.  A time for everyone to get together and laugh.  Talk about the old times.  A chance to watch the other kiddos grow up.  Really get to know the family.  Truly the best gift a Grand Parent can give to kids.

A 5 Star Review from Facebook.com
"Great experience for a time away with the grandkids! The place was clean and the staff was amazing! Prices were good even at the Pub! The General Manager even took time to speak with us each day! We plan on returning! Where else do they have an indoor go-cart track, rock climbing wall, and a jump park when it rains! Our granddaughter wants to do the outside zip line which was not open on the trip!"

Best Ways to Save Money at the Metropolis Resort - By Kristi, Accountant

Family vacations can take a lot of planning and preparation. Sometimes they don’t. Personally, I love it when it takes very little effort on my part to make my family happy. This is what I love about vacationing at Metropolis Resort.


We never have to leave! My family gets to just enjoy each other. We’ve had such a blast and have created some wonderful memories there. But family vacations can add up to big dollars. Here are some tips that I’ve used here that can help you stay within your fun budget.

1) Timing is everything.
When everyone else is zigging, you can generally save big by zagging. Off-peak times tend to be cheaper. Checking into the hotel on a Sunday or mid-week can save you money. Especially throughout October and November. I know—that’s when the kids are in school. But that means everyone else’s kids are in school, so it’s less crowded. In terms of a quality experience, its more bang for your buck. Just don’t forget to check the waterpark hours.

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2) Buy the combo packages
Package deals for the fun center & trampoline park are worth it. Especially for hotel guests. Not only are the prices for the parks better for guests, but you can come and go throughout the day as you please.  The packages are literally the best savings at every place in the entire Resort.

3) Share space with family friends
Find friends or family to come along for the ride. My family of six have shared Metropolis’ largest hotel room with a few friends and their kids. We split the cost of the room 3 ways. Super helpful. And let me tell you: this was so much fun. This room not only sleeps 20, but it also has free air hockey & video games right in the room.  It's called the Locker Room.

4) Go Online
They regularly have online exclusive pricing for park passes. Good for day trips.

5) Not so junky junk mail
Register your email address with them. Who wants more advertisements in their inbox you ask? Frugal people.. that’s who. They send offers and information about flash sales all the time. It's good to know when sales are happening, ammiright?

6) Buy Souvenir Mugs
Buying souvenirs to save you money sounds counterintuitive, I know. But the souvenir mugs include all you can drink soda and fountain beverages for your entire stay throughout the entire resort. This way you can stop your money from disappearing into vending machines.

7) Bring stuff from home
Pack food to keep in your room rather than relying on restaurants to feed everyone. Also, if you are going to the trampoline park, bring your own grip socks and a water bottle if you have them.

The Worst Summer of my Life - By Benny, Resort General Manager

As many of you know, I grew up in New Richmond, the City Beautiful.  Before the building of the infamous New Richmond Movie Theatre, where legends aren't just made on the big screen, there weren't nearly as many places for kids to go to be entertained.  Mom made things worse by taking the cords to the Nintendo with her to work during the summer so that we would have to go find something to do.  I've always loved swimming. My coworkers will tell you I still bring a swimsuit to every convention and business trip in the hopes I might get to swim.   When the resort gets busy, I try to work the pool before anything else. 


We'd go to the park, the library, the ball field and all of the other places, but we ended up riding our bikes to St. Mary's park outdoor swimming pool 4 times a week on average. The front desk staff knew us by name and the full-time lifeguard, poor Ben Frederick had to tell us to stop running and that whatever we were planning was a bad idea multiple times a day. As luck would have it, poor Ben Frederick would end up also moving to Eau Claire, and become a police officer, where he still has to tell me multiple times a day that whatever I'm planning is a bad idea.  

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The pool itself was nothing crazy.  It averaged 50 degrees for a temp and had a diving board, but we spent more days in that pool with my sisters and friends than anywhere else.  So, when they announced that it would be closing after the summer of 1994 and replacing it with a much larger indoor pool with a splash area and a waterslide inside of our upcoming Community Center, we were sad to see our pool go away, but very excited that we'd be able to swim year round in a brand new and much larger pool with cooler features.

Which brings us to the worst summer of my life.

As7th grade came to a close, our community center was not quite ready to open. We would be beginning the first month of summer without a pool.  We were more excited than disappointed and my sisters and I decided to cram a lot of the rest of the summer activities into the first month so that we could go swim the rest of the month.  


Two days before the opening of the long-awaited pool, tragedy struck.  While carrying a trombone on my 12-speed bicycle, I had a bump in the sidewalk and ended up getting 12 stitches in my leg...and a no swimming restriction until the stitches would be gone in about 3-4 weeks. I remember watching my sisters, their friends, and MY friends hop on their bikes two days later and ride away excitedly to go try out the new pool from the window, like watching a baby when their mom leaves the room.  They then had the audacity to come home and talk about how awesome it was all night, before returning every day for the next two weeks straight.


So, when those stitches came out, nothing was going to stop me from going to the pool that day.  Not my sisters saying they wanted to do something else.  Not my friends not having money that day.  Not even the horrible stomach ache I was having and the fever I had from my emergency room nurse. (She could smell a fake illness to get out of school from miles away, but couldn't figure out I was sick for real and faking I was fine? )  


I rode my bike down there as fast as I could despite what felt like boulders in my stomach.  I splashed in the little kid area like a happy toddler, despite being an eighth grader who probably should have been embarrassed by how many people were watching.  I swam laps.  I dove for rings on the bottom of the super deep end.  I rode the slide so many times that I thought I was going to puke from the pain of getting up the stairs. I even dove from the race platforms dozens of times and belly flopped and let the pool wash away the tears of happiness and pain of my stomach feeling like it was on fire as I bellyflopped on it over and over.


It was the best day of my life up until that point.  


Five hours of swimming later, my sisters dragged me out and we rode our bikes home.  Pulling into the driveway just as mom got home from work.  She asked me if I had loved the pool and then if I was feeling all right.  I told her my stomach hurt a little and I was tired.  I went to take a shower downstairs before Dad got home for dinner and after getting dressed, I got to the foot of the stairs and sat down too tired and in too much pain to try to get up the stairs.  So, I put my head on the 3rd step and fell asleep.  


My dad found me an hour later and I asked to skip dinner because I didn't feel well.  He helped me to the bed where I stayed until midnight when Mom came to check on me and my fever was on fire and my stomach felt like it was going to explode.  Two hours later, I was in surgery for an emergency appendectomy. The doctor said he had never really gotten to see one explode on the table before.


I was okay after a week in the hospital, a whole bunch of stitches later and a really inconvenient moment waking up from anesthesia where I convinced myself it was thirty years later. I was okay... until talking with the poor doctor who gave me the Pete Rose of Punishments, a swimming ban that would last until after school started.  The next summer I got a job and then high school.  Going to the pool with my sisters and friends became an afterthought. They tell parents all the time, you only get 18 summers with our kids.  They should also tell kids you never know that the summer in Mary's Park was your last summer to be so carefree.  

7 Tips for Surviving Road Trips With the Kiddos- By Sara, Resort General Manager

My in-laws live 250 miles away.  I remember our first trip with a newborn baby.  I think my son had a wet diaper for about 100 miles, I was trying to feed him in his car seat (bad idea, don’t do it), my husband, Brian was driving a solid 64 mph because of the new baby, it was dark and then we hit a deer. When we arrived, everyone was crying and we vowed never to get in the car again!  Basically, the worst trip ever.  Years later, I feel that I have mastered the art of traveling with kids, a dog, and a husband.  Here are my top 7 tips for you and your family.

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#1 Potty First: This goes without saying right? But it also means you AND your kids. Nothing worse than getting 20 minutes down the road and having to wrestle all the kids into a dirty truck stop.  Even worse, the kids are set and then your husband needs to use the little boy’s room…all you can do is laugh!

#2 Snacks: Car friendly snacks like Cheezits, fruit snacks and string cheese are a must. If you are like me, you can find lots of left-over snacks under the car seat and in the cracks.  I’m not one to judge.  We always get beef jerky because everyone will chew on that for several miles!  I carry a little igloo cooler and stock it with juice boxes and of course my husband’s favorite pop because he’s worse than the kids.  Although too many juice boxes might make you have to see tip#1, just the right amount keeps the whole car happy!

#3 Games: I spy will only get you about 20 miles and everything is green, blue or black in the summer and throw in some white in the winter time.  You need some real games.  Traveling Yahtzee is a favorite in our car or Catchphrase that everyone can play mindlessly without real competition. 

#4 Screen Time: Each kid gets their own device to keep them busy.  I know lots of people poo-poo it because of “screen time”, but for MY family? It helps me keep my sanity and have an enjoyable trip. I've also found that by the time we get to our destination they are bored with their tablet and they are ready to do fun stuff with their family.  Win / Win.

#5 Clothes: When you’re traveling with little ones, a change of clothes just smart. An extra shirt for you isn’t a bad idea either. And don’t forget something for night time sleeping if you have a little one who still has an “accident” at night…we’ve all been there.

#6 Baby Wipes: I don’t care if you don’t have babies, baby wipes are a must have for road trips with kids! They are so fantastic for a quick clean up! You’ll be glad you have them!

#7 Music: In my family, old country music does it.  For some reason, it keeps everyone calm and puts my husband & me into a mood where we talk about our Grandparents and what it was like growing up.  Our kids, Grady & Emma, love to hear stories about when we were their age and all the funny stories.  They think we are so old!!

Keep a bag ready to go with all your necessities to make road trips with kids a lot easier. Keep it by the door and restock it each time. And above all, don’t forget the car charger for the DVD player!  Maybe with the extra fun and planning, you won’t have several hours of “are we there yet?”