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ACE's Club Rewards Program



*$5 Free is ONLY available to non-registered card holders. Offer valid once per customer. NOT valid towards multiple cards under the same name. If you have multiple cards, please bring them to Action City and we would be more than happy to combine the balances for you onto the one card that you have registered. LIMITED TIME OFFER!

**See the Action City front desk to redeem your daily free game play.

All members receive discounted play at the ACE's Club Parties in November!

Make sure to update your ACE's Club membership details to receive your special invite via email. Not a member? Register today to join and start receiving rewards. *Fill out the form below to either update your information or sign up for the program. Click for all details.

Dates: Sunday November 2nd (12pm-9pm) & Friday November 14th (4pm-11pm). *Choose the date that works best for you or visit both dates for double the fun! 

Program Benefits:

  • $5 FREE game play when you sign up.
  • (1) FREE play daily on both of our exclusive ACE's Club games.
  • Special Birthday offer emailed to you (one per email account).
  • Exclusive specials and deals emailed to you.
  • Valuable coupons.
  • Special event discounts (i.e. New Year's Eve Lock-in).
  • Protect your card balance if it is lost or stolen.
  • Action City bonuses start when your registered Fun License reaches an accumulative balance of $125.

Eligibility: Membership is FREE, all we ask is a few minutes of your time to register your Action City play card. Our Rewards Club is our special Thank You for being a loyal Action City guest! There is a limit of one membership per person (per email). 

Enrollment: To enroll and receive the full benefits of the program, you must obtain an Action City play card ("Fun License") and register that Fun License with Action City. To register your Fun License, either fill out the form found below or visit Action City's front desk.

Using Your Registered Fun License: Your registered Fun License is your proof of membership in the program and must be presented each time you visit Action City in order to accumulate your balance to reach reward levels. Lost or stolen registered Fun License cards can be replaced. Replacement cards can be issued at the front desk of Action City.

Action City will also notify eligible membes of reward offers and benefits throughout their membership via email. The program will use email as the communication channel for providing members with information regarding program benefits and specials at Action City.

Action City Rewards Club features 4 different levels of membership:

  • Rewards Club (accessible once you register your card; benefits above)
  • VIP Rewards Club (accessible once your card reaches an accumulative balance of $125)
  • Gold Rewards Club (accessible once your card reaches an accumulative balance of $300)
  • Platinum Rewards Club (accessible once your card reaches an accumulative balance of $1,500)

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