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  • Photo by Soaring EaglePhoto by Soaring Eagle
  • New outdoor road course coming soonNew outdoor road course coming soon
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NEW Outdoor Attractions Opening May 6th, 2017

Includes Motorized Zip-line Ride & Outdoor Road Course 


Outdoor Go-Karts

We've replaced our old oval outdoor track with a much larger road course which will feature brand new double and single gas go-karts from JJ Amusements. This course will have banked curves and will provide you with more of a racetrack feel than our last track. 


Outdoor Go-Kart Pricing:

$5.00 per single kart ride (must be at least 56" to drive a single kart)

$6.00 per double kart ride (must be at least 40" tall with upper body control to ride with an adult who is at least 16 years old with a driver's license)

*Included with Summer Unlimited Play Passes & Combo Package. View DETAIL HERE


Soaring Eagle Zipline Ride 

Our new 2-person motorized zipline ride will take riders quickly in reverse 700 feet across as you take in a bird's eye view of our resort and the south side of Eau Claire. At 130 feet high you will soar back down to the starting point by mini golf with views of Lowe's Creek Park, Eau Claire and our property. 


Soaring Eagle Zipline Ride Pricing:

$8.00 per person per ride. 

Requirements: Must be at 48" or taller to ride alone OR at least 42" tall to ride with someone who is at least 48" tall. Max weight not to exceed 450lbs combined.

*Discounted add-on option available when you purchase Summer Unlimited Play Pass or Combo Package. View DETAIL HERE


Action City’s outdoor mini golf course and pavilion will remain open for most of the installation process for the new outdoor attractions.

Follow Action City on Facebook and Instagram (@actioncityec) to see more behind the scenes sneak peeks of their new attractions coming in May 2017. Thank you for your continued support of Action City and Metropolis Resort.  Your patronage helps us continue to truly be the place,”Where the Fun Never Stops”. 

(Photo of zipline ride provided by Soaring Eagle)