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Questions about the Action City?

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How does Action City work?

It's all about the Action City Fun License. Your Fun License works like a pre-paid debit card, where you put as much money as you'd like on a card, and the amount deducts as you swipe the card on all our fun games and attractions! If you're looking for something to keep you busy for a few hours, you could purchase an unlimited play package so that you can play unlimited on our attractions on non-redemption arcade games for 3 hours to a FULL DAY!

*Unlimited play includes: indoor go-karts, batting cages, bumper cars, climbing wall, laser tag, mini bowling, outdoor mini golf (seasonal & weather dependent) and non-ticket video arcade games.

How much does Action City cost?

All of our attractions are priced per game/ride. You can put as much money on your card as you'd like or you can purchase one of our many package deals.
Click here to view Action City's current deals.

What is Unlimited Play?

Unlimited play includes: Bumper Cars, Laser Tag, Batting Cages, Outdoor Mini Golf (seasonal & weather dependent), Rock Climbing Wall, Mini Bowling, Non-Ticket/Non-Redemption Arcade Games (such as shuffle puck, guitar hero and skee ball) and of course Go-Karts and more Go-Karts.

*Laser Maze and Ticket Games are NOT included in Unlimited Play. 

*Unlimited Play is good the moment you first swipe your card on a game or attraction.

*Children under the height of 44" will receive a free pass with the purchase of a regular unlimited play pass

Click here for unlimited play pricing

Do hotel guests receive a discount at Action City?

Yes, if you are a hotel guest you are eligible to receive a special discounted price for unlimited play. Show your hotel keycard at the Action City front desk to receive the following discount:

$25/person for 1 day (Regular daily pass is $32/person; savings of $7/person)

Enjoy 1 day (open to close) of unlimited play on attractions* and non-ticket arcade games.

$40/person for 2 days (Regular daily pass is $32/person; savings of $24/person)

Enjoy 2 days (open to close) of unlimited play on attractions* and non-ticket arcade games.


*Unlimited play includes: Indoor Go-Karts, Batting Cages, Climbing Wall, Bumper Cars, Laser Tag, Mini Bowling, Outdoor Mini Golf (seasonal & weather dependent) and Non-Ticket Arcade Games.

**Children under the height of 44" are free with the purchase of a regular day pass.

Please check height restrictions for attractions before purchasing passes.

When are you open?


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How tall do I need to be?

For our vertically challenged visitors, you would probably like to be aware that you must be 44" tall to ride the bumper cars (only 1 person allowed on a bumper car, so no drivers…sorry!). For the Go Karts, you need to be 54" to ride all by yourself, but as long as you're 3 or older you can ride in a double car with an adult!  As for the climbing wall, you just need to weigh at least 30lbs (don't forget your closed shoes)!

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Action City does not allow open toe shoes on the climbing wall; however the other attractions do not have any specific shoe requirements!

Is Action City all indoors?

Nope, Action City has attractions both inside and outside! Weather permitting, we have an outdoor mini golf course and a NEW go-kart tracking opening in summer 2017!